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It’s Frgrance Foam Friday


Nowhere near a sink? 

Sanitize your hands with Scentsy’s new antibacterial Fragrance Foam.

Emollient-rich, lusciously scented, and alcohol free.

Fragrance Foam kills germs, without drying hands.  Available in 20 fragrances!  See them all @  Shop online 24/7.

I currently sanitize using Scentsy Fragrance Foam – Coconut Lemongrass.  You may purchase @

Coconut Lemongrass – Creamy, tropical coconut and sunny, bright lemongrass. 

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Red Wine “Spilled” on Furniture Fabric – OMG!

Have you ever spilled red wine on furniture?  This recently happened to me.  My sister came over to have dinner.  She and I both love to have a good glass of red wine with our dinner.  Needless to say, when we both sat down to relax a moment before dinner – as we had always done.  I have a Miniature Schnauzer and she decided it was time to jump up on my sister while she was lifting her wine glass.  You guessed it… red wine all over my couch.  I immediately went into panic mode.

I grabbed the first towel I could find and a roll of paper towels as well.  I then remembered that I had a can of “Spot Shot.”  I ran to retrieve it.  If you have never used Spot Shot, you should consider getting a can to keep on hand for emergencies.  I had only used it on my carpets in the past – but this was not carpet.  I had to tackle getting red wine out of my beautiful sage green chenille couch.  I acted so quickly that I forgot to “test and area” first.

I soaked up as much of the spill as I could – I DID NOT rub in a circular pattern. I placed the towel(s) over the spots and then pressed downward, unless the paper towels soaked up the liquid first.  After soaking all of the wine I could, I sprayed the spots, and there were MANY.

I let the Spot Shot set a few minutes as I was afraid to leave it on too long since I had not tested an area.  I know I was in attack mode thus the forgetfulness!  Again, I did NOT rub in any circular pattern.  I simply placed the paper towel over the place where the spot was and gently pressed to soak up the spill and the Spot Shot.  If you had seen the spills on the couch you would have freaked out as there were about 8 different places.  The spots were well some large and some not so large.

As I began my laborious task of removing the spots, to my AMAZEMENT ALL, EVERY DROP of red wine was taken out of my couch.  I was so very pleased and will attest to anyone that this is in my opinion the “BEST” product to remove any stains you have.  I have used it on white carpet as well and it produced the same results.  If you have a pet it is a necessity to have Spot Shot as a regular staple product “under your kitchen sink” and IT WORKS!

My couch is very contemporary and about 7′ in length so you see my need to not let it be ruined.

IF you are looking for an “excellent” stain removal product get you some Spot Shot.  Most large stores carry it, but I would recommend purchasing it at a discount club for a better value.  You cannot miss it as the cap on the can is bright orange and the can itself is blue and orange.

This product is also GREAT for pet stain removal – odor included!

My first exposure to this product was several years ago.  I had bought a new home and had carpet placed in the whole house.  The dealer that sold and installed the carpet “highly recommended” the product to me.  I ran out and bought a can then and MUST state that it has been the best investment that I keep on hand at all times!